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Responsive Processing

Optimized Components

Stable Framework

Solid Architecture

Legendary Performance

Introducing the

The Jaguar Trading Computer is specifically designed and handcrafted to exceed the needs of the retail trader. The Jaguar Trading Computer is the tool no trader should be without.

*The Jaguar has begun shipping in a select release to retail traders for final benchmarking. The Jaguar Trading Computer will soon be ready for purchase.




About Us

The philosophy behind every Elementum Trading Computer hinges on three objectives: SPEED, QUALITY, and RELIABILITY. Every trader should be empowered to trade with the utmost confidence. There is no task too large for the Jaguar Trading Computer.


FUTURES, STOCKS, BONDS. The Jaguar is ready to power your trading strategy and give you a competitive edge in a ruthless marketplace.

A powerful computer is essential to trading success. Your portfolio deserves the superlative machine.

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